With emphasis on performance and functionality, iVend Retail fully supports customer-facing Omnichannel and empowers the Enterprise Retailer by providing the right tools For The Way Retailers Work Today.


iVend Retail provides enterprise-wide inventory visibility leading to better fulfilment from in-stock inventory from anywhere in the enterprise. With iVend Retail, all departments rely on a single stream of data truth to make informed decisions faster, offer better management and streamline processes that drive profit, all the while delighting shoppers.

e-commerce intergration

Fully customisable and extensible with out-of-the-box integrations to SAP, Sage, Microsoft, and third-party and customer facing solutions via API

Cloud based Management

Cloud-based Software as a Service complete with managed
services that is easy to deploy and maintain, without costly infrastructure

EFT Intergration

Integrated EFT switching for processing of Credit & Debit cards through the POS.

Easily Scalable

SaaS that scales as your business needs change, suitable for chains with hundreds of stores across multiple geographies and currencies

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